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Apex C 40 Matic Water Meter

Standard Features

Electronic, manual, automatic and motor-operated mixers, dosing units and liter-counters.

  • Automatic mixing liter-counter with motor-operated mixing valve C 40 Matic
  • Electronic mixing liter-counter with thermostat C 30 L Mix
  • Electronic dosing liter-counter C 30 L

Optional Features

Dimensons 370 x 275 x 140 mm
Weight 12 kg
Voltage 230 volts 50 Hz monofase
Water inlet connections 3/4
Max. Temperature for inlet water 90 C
Adjusting field from 1 to 65 C
Precision degree for displayed  temperature +/-1 C
Max. pressure for inlet water 5 Bar
Min. pressure for inlet water 1 Bar
Max Dosing 999,9 It
Dosing precision +/-1%
Water delivery at 1 Bar 25 C 20 l/min
Water delivery at 5 Bar 25 C 35 l/min

Technical Features

The set value of the temperature is kept constant thanks to the built in motor operated thermostat. In this model temperature is made from the electronic keyboard, which automatically adjusts the thermostat.

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