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Apex Belcake        Click for video
Apex Belcake Series 670

Standard Features

The Belcake 670 Advanced Depositor is specially designed for cake production (depositing batter, icing middle layers, top and side finishing); however it can be used as a regular depositor for depositing layering, injection, and decoration.

It has an easy to use digital display panel. While you are adjusting the speed of the cream coming out of the nozzle (depending of its viscosity), the speed of the turntable is syncronized automatically.

It has an adjustable turning angle of the turntable (370 - 720 degrees) for a cleaner and nicer result of icing.

It has a stainless steel frame on swival casters that are manually adjustable in height.

It is suitable for artisan and industrial bakeries.

The Belcake 670 Advanced is available in one series:

      670:  5 - 670 ml per deposit

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Technical Features

Series 670


Height max 1770 mm
Length 1350 mm
Width 730 mm
Weight 88 kg

Technical Specifications

Depositing Speed up to 480 cakes/hour
Up to 6500 deposits/hour
Power Air: 121/min at 30 deposits/min
7 bar / 102 PSI
Depositing Volume 5 -670 cm

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