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Apex Croy 5/12/16000
Croissant Unit

Standard Features

In just a few centimeters Croy (5000/12000/16000 ) encloses great line technology for croissants production.

Croy is fully automatic:
  • The machine joins dough obtaining a continuos work cycle without waste
  • Gently calibrates dough to desired thickness
  • Cutting process in 2 stages to avoid dough adhesion on dies
  • Automatically spaces products before moulding while triangles are conveyed to forming section
  • Cutting roller are replaced in a few seconds.
With optional cutting rollers Croy not only gives you many kinds of croissants but you can also have any kind of bakery product.

The cutting rollers can be tailormade.

With the by-pass table Croy becomes a real bakery line.

Optional Features

Optional cutting rollers

Technical Features

Technical Data                  5000             12000         16000
Net Weight kg             1150               1350                  1400
Electr Absorpt kw                   2                       2                         6
Voltage volt      220-380             220-380             220-380

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