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Divider - Hydraulic - Robocut2   
ROBOCUT2 semi-automatic and electronic dividers

Standard Features

The ROBOCUT² is easy to use and very quiet, making for a pleasant working environment. The RROBOCUT² is also service friendly and more reliable than ever. You can choose the ROBOCUT² in a round (R) or a square (S) version in various capacities.

ROBOCUT² is equipped with a new, dough-friendly hydraulic system for highest accuracy and very quiet operation.

The steel dividing disc with Teflon coating is equipped with stainless steel knives. The dough tub has a stainless steel inner ring.

ROBOCUT² S has a unique new format of 14.5 x 5.5 cm, ideal for both French loaves and ciabatta. Operation of the machine is simple with one-touch buttons and an operating indication light. It is placed on wheels for easy mobility.

The side panels are removable for more thorough cleaning; optional available auto blade rising for easy and safe cleaning of the knives.

Technical Features

 Model Dough Parts
 Weight range
 16 Divisions
 250 - 1100 gr
 R2020 Divisions
 200 - 900 gr
 24 Divisions
 165 - 750 gr
 20 Divisions
 240 - 1000 gr
 10 and 20 Divisions
 240 - 2000 gr
 20 and 40 Divisions
 120 - 1000 gr

(Weight range dependent on dough consistency)

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