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Divider - Artisan - Slim   
Slim Dough Divider

Standard Features

The SLIM dough divider has a unique pressureless system that does not compress the dough and equals the quality of hand scaling. A built in vacuum pump assures accurate dividing through a piston with built-in air filter.

This compact and mobile machine with low feeder hopper is simple to use. Cleaning and maintenance requirements are minimal and save you time every day. No oil lubrication is required for sliding parts and wear is reduced to an absolute minimum.

Optional Features

  • Belt 100 cm (outfeed height 70-105 cm)
  • Higher frame for increased outfeed height
  • Electric flour pulverizer
  • Double outfeed belt
  • Pre rounding device
  • Oiling of hopper plate
  • Safety guard on hopper

Technical Features


Model Weight-range
SLIM 2x200 50-200 gr
SLIM 700 80-700 gr
SLIM 1400 200-1.400 gr
SLIM 1700 300-1.700 gr

Weight range is dependent on dough consistency.
Output of the double piston SLIM 2x200 is up to 2.200 pieces per hour.

The capacity is up to 1100 pieces per hour. The stainless steel hopper provided with Teflon coating - holds 80 kg dough. Outfeed height with standard 50 cm belt is 70-90 cm. All parts in contact with dough are stainless steel or nickel-plated.

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