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Moulder - Vipava Long
Vipava Long Moulder

Standard Features

The long moulder VIPAVA RR is designed for moulding loaves of rye and rye-wheaten dough. Due to its robust construction it is most suitable for use in industrial bakeries, either as an independent machine or as part of an automatic production line.
The VIPAVA RR is available in numerous versions, each designed to meet the specific characteristics of the dough being moulded into long loaves. In principle two basic versions can be distinguished with or without the moulding head. This is used when the dough needs to be rolled into a thick foil before its final moulding.
Both versions are available as a 2400 and 3000 model differing in the machine s capacity. The VIPAVA 3000 is available as well as an automatic machine with all settings performed automatically through an electronic control panele (PLC) centering cylinders distance, moulding board’s height, moulding belt’s speed.

Optional Features

Vipava 2400  options include:
- inlet conveyor
- Teflon coated side guides height 30mm
- automatic pan charging device
- flour dredger
- seed dredger with recycling system of non-used seeds

Vipava 3000 options include:
-Teflon coated side guides height 30 mm
- automatic pan charging device
- seed dredger with recycling system of non-used seeds

Technical Features

Machine 2400 3000 3000 A
Machine capacity (pcs/h 2400 3000 3000
Weight of dough moulded pieces (g) 200-2500 200-2500 200-2500
Moulded pieces length (mm) 100 - 420 100-500 100-500
Belt width (mm) 470 500 500
Installed power (kW)
1,3 1,77 2.99
dimensions (mm) (lxbxh) 3000x717x1610 3000x1080x1700 3000x1080x1700
Machine weight (kg) 360 700 700

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