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Apex Eko-Blok and Eco Blok Bypass   
Re-using waste energy

Standard Features

Eko-blok is equipment for ideal recycling of steam and combustion energy from oil and gas ovens. It also removes injurants from combustions and markedly protects the environment. Ekoblok is able to use waste heat from several ovens at once. Its principal and the actual device are patently protected and the Kornfeil company is the only producer of such equipment in the world.

EKO-Blok BYPASS: See PDF for more info.

The EkoBlok is an eco-friendly device for complete utilization and processing of waste energy, waste gases, and steam from gas and oil bakery ovens, as well as steam and thermal oil boilers. It reduces waste gases pollutants along with CO2 emissions produced by individual ovens, thus protecting the environment. The EkoBlok in combination with the KORNFEIL automatic bypass constitutes an ideal system for any bakery. The KORNFEIL bypass system ensures a completely safe bakery operation even in case of surplus energy by conducting oven waste gases and steam away from Ekoblok exchangers.

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