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Apex Fornata Mini and Uni Oven
Fornata Mini and Uni Oven

Standard Features

Electrical modular ovens Fornata Mini and Fornata Uni are suitable for small bakeries, confectioneries, bars and hotels wherever fresh baked goods are needed throughout day.

With their performance and technical equipment, these two electrical ovens form a separate line of ovens with a baking area of 0,5 5 sqm. The sectional assembly system enables the operator to use 1 to 4 decks. Exact baking temperature settings, including fleunt regulation of upper and lower heating ensures quality backing. Each deck has a separate steaming unit.

Advantages of Fornata Mini and Uni Ovens:

  • Variable number of decks
  • Easy to Install - Fornata Mini suitable even for very small bakeries
  • Easy to operate
  • Low energy consumption - The basis of your prosperity

Technical Features

Technical data FORNATA Uni FORNATA Mini
Baking area of each deck 0,96 m2 0,48 m2
Width of baking area 1200 mm 600 mm
Depth of baking area 800 mm 800 mm
Maximum deck input power 5,9 kW 3,4 kW
El. connection 3x380V / 50Hz 3x380V / 50Hz
Steamer power input 1,6 kW 1,2 kW
Maximum temperature 350 °C / 662 F 350 °C / 662 °F
Oven width 1750 mm 1010 mm
Oven depth 1300 mm 1300 mm
Deck baking power 13-18 kg / hod 7-9 kg / hod

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