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Apex Thermostar Oil Deck Oven
Thermostar Oil Deck Oven

Standard Features

Thermostar thermo-oil deck ovens are developed for baking first class, porous bread that seems almost handmade. Due to its principal features (heat transfer is realized by hot oil, the temperature difference between input and output of each deck heating is only 1-2°C), its temperature is very stable and can therefore ensure the best results.

Advantages of the Thermostar deck oven:
  • Very good temperature stability
  • Fast temperature reaction time
  • High baking power
  • Saves energy

Technical Features

Parameter Value
Number of decks 5 - 7
Baking area 15, 18, 22, 26, 31 m2
Width of baking area 1800 mm
Depth of baking area 2000 - 2400 mm
Temperature circuits one / two-circuited
Deck height 200, 230 mm
Oven height 2500 - 2950 mm
Oven width 2580 mm
Oven depth 3460 - 3860 mm
Source of energy natural gas, oil
Control panels H1 - H4
Max baking temperature 290 °C / 572 °F

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