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Apex K-Market Deck Oven
K-Market Deck Oven

Standard Features

The K-Market deck oven has been developed for completing the baking process of pre-baked products directly in your supermarket or store. The quality pre-baking procedure in a classic deck oven gives bread characteristics such as porosity and size and form.

When finishing bread in the K-Market oven you get bakery-quality bread, except now you can have fresh, hot and crispy bread all day long!

The K-Market Standard - manual charging, unloading with baker s shovel.

K-Market Comfort - manual charging, automatic unloading into bread rack.

Advantages of the K-Market deck oven:

  • Bread can stay pre-baked for 1 - 2 days
  • Finalization can be done by store staff
  • You bake only as much bread as you need
  • No loss from unsold bread
  • Any pre-baked bread not needed today can be left for tomorrow

Technical Features

Parameter Value
Deck baking area 0,5 - 5 m2
Width of baking area 1200 mm
Depth of baking area 450 mm
Number of decks 3
Max. power supply 12,5 kW
Baking power 30-40 kg/hod
Oven dimensions width/depth/height 1740 mm / 1200 mm / 1960 mm
Total weight 870 kg
El. connection 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz
Max baking temperature 290 °C / 554 °F
Assembly hole 900 x 1800 mm
Proofer plechy 400 x 600 / 12ks

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