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Apex Vat, Bin and Tough Washers   
Vat, Bin and Trough Washers

Standard Features

Vat, Bin and trough (VBT) series  washers are designed to clean and sanitize vats, bins, troughs, tanks, trucks, combos, and other large volume containers commonly found in food processing industries. At the push of a button, it lifts and inverts containers into the wash/rinse chamber and then returns them to the floor.

Technical Features

Standard Models Wash Pump Floor Space w/Door Open Maximum Container Size Capacity
VBW-1000 25 HP 92 wide, 136" deep 26" wide x 27 1/2" long x 37 1/2" high 1 per cycle, 12 per hour
VBW-2000 40 HP 122 wide, 139" deep 26" wide x 27 1/2" long x 37 1/2" high 2 per cycle, 24 per hour
BW-1000C 25 HP 118 wide, 173" deep 48" wide x 46" long x 45" high 1 per cycle, 8-12 per hour
BW-1000E 25 HP 108 wide, 184 1/2" deep 48" wide x 49" long x 45" high 1 per cycle, 12-18 per hour

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