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Sancassiano Carousel Automatic Mixer System
Carousel Automatic Mixer System

Standard Features

Carousels were the first automatic mixing systems produced by Sancassiano in the early Eighties. Thanks to their modular structure, a customized number of stations can be easily controlled by a PLC, managing all the mixing operations: ingredients dosing, mixing, resting, and feeding of the portioning lines.
The main features and advantages of Sancassiano carousels are:
  • Repeatability of the production process and consequent maximum dough consistency.
  • Reduction of production down times, with an increased production  efficiency and freshness of the dough.
  • Easy to use with friendly graphic software
  • Reduction of human errors in mixing, resting and dosing operations. 
  • Compactness and reduced impact on the floor space.
  • Easier sanitation of machines and mixing area: the Sancassiano     carousel allows a particularly deep, easy cleaning and control of     critical areas thanks to the free from the ground design.
  • Reduction of labour needs.
  • Automatic carousel systems: Hourly production from 500 up to 10.000 Kg/h

Choose your mixing technology to know the final application:
Carousel equipped with:

  • Planetary Mixer
  • Kryos
  • Spiral Mixer
  • Double Spiral Mixer
  • Global Force
  • Twin Arm Mixer
  • French Fork Mixer

Optional Features

In order to customize the system and make it capable of meeting customer s needs and requirements, the customer can choose between a wide range of specific options:
  • Partial or total stainless steel execution.
  • Temperature and energy detector system.
  • Cooling (or warming) of the dough by means of gas or liquid recirculation (glycol )
  • Inverter to continuously change and set the tools and the bowl s speed.
  • Customized control system (PLC or PC) to manage production tracking and communication with other upstream and downstream control systems.
  • Weighing and integration of scrap dough.
  • Network assistance and servicing (modem )

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